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One batch of shale shaker and centrifugal pump ready for shipment

This week one batch of GNZS594J-SHBJ shale shaker and GNSB8×6C-13J centrifugal pumps are ready for shipment to India.
GNZS594J-SHBJ shale shaker with 4 panel of 585x1165mm composite material frame shaker screens. The vibration mode is linear motion, reference treating capacity is 140m3/h by API40 shaker screen, it is drived by 2ea 2.3HP Italy Oli brand vibration motor. The vibration G force is up to 7.5G and it is adjustable. The screen area is 2.73m2, and the deck angle adjustment range is from -1° to +5°. The shale shaker application including oil & gas drilling mud solids control, oil & gas drilling waste management, oil sludge treatment unit, HDD mud treatment, TBM slurry separation, construction slurry mud treatment, mining drilling mud treatment and other types of mud treatment.

The starter and vibration motor have different explosion proof standard for option: CNEX / ATEX / IECEx, standard ExdIIBT4. The shaker screens installed on the shale shaker is produced comply with API RP13C standard, with 3 layers of stainless steel 316L wire mesh and composite material frame for longer working life.
Fast disassembly design of sealing strip on shaker deck bottom, it is convenient to replace the sealing rubber, wear resistant polyurethane rubber strip with good sealing effect and longer working life. Also side fluids outlet plate and bottom fluids outlet plate is removable with sealing rubber.

8 units of GNSB8×6C-13J centrifugal pump (55KW) is used as transfer pump of the slurry, the electric control panel is installed on the skid to control the electric motor.The pump casing and impeller is made from hard ductile iron alloy to extend the working life, and all the spare parts are interchangeable with international famous brand centrifugal pump to outsource the spare parts easily.
If you need linear motion shale shaker and centrifugal pump, pls contact with GN solids control.

GN Solids Control Centrifuge at 2023 NEFTEGAZ Russia Oil Exhibition

GN solid control showed our decanter centrifuge at 2023 NEFTEGAZ Russia Oil Exhibition. Neftegaz and National Oil and Gas Forum the major event of the fuel and energy sector. Neftegaz is Russia’s largest trade show for the oil and gas industry. It ranks in the top ten of the world’s petroleum shows. Supported by the Russian Ministry of Energy, Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Russian Gas Society, Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia. Every year GN solids control will participate in NEFTEGAZ exhibition, to show our lastest technology. This year total 573 companies participate in the exhibition, total visitors over 22820, and total hall area over 35000 square meters.
The exhibition information is as below:
Exhibition name: 2023 NEFTEGAZ Russia Oil Exhibition
Exhibition time: April 23th to 27th, 2023
Exhibition location: Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia
This year we showed GN decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer and shale shaker screens.

GN 14inch bowl decanter centrifuge is one of the most popular model decanter centrifuges for oil and gas drilling fluids treatment and drilling waste treatment system, it can be also used as dewatering centrifuge with chemical dosing unit. We can produce high speed decanter centrifuge, VFD decanter centrifuge and Fully Hydraulic Drive decanter centrifuge for different application, also we can provide different explosion proof standard for your requirement, CNEX, ATEX or IEC EX.

The vertical cuttings dryer is widely used to treat OBM, SOBM drilling waste, it can reduce the oil from the cuttings effectively. Even under minus 40C degree in the winter, GN vertical cuttings dryer is also able to work well inside special decorated container to keep it warm.
If you need a containerized drilling waste management system solution to our client, if you need more information, pls contact GN Solids control.

Tandem shale shaker shipped to Middle East

This week we shipped several units of tandem shale shaker to Middle East for oil service company. The shale shaker is linear motion single deck 4 panel shale shaker, the 2 units of shale shaker installed on one tandem skid for convenient transportation and installed on the solids control system.

The complete unit of the tandem shale shaker is up to 1200gpm for WBM, OBM, SOBM, the actual treating capacity will depend on the density& viscosity of the drilling fluids and API mesh size used. GN solids control produce composite material shaker screens from API 20 to API 325, GN brand shaker screens are all compliant with API RP13C standard.
The shale shaker features are as below:
1) 4 panel shaker screens with composite material frame for longer working life, dimension as 585x1165mm
2) The shaker deck material is stainless steel 304 for better corrosion resistance
3) Patent rubber sealing on the shaker deck for better sealing
4) The 2 vibration motor is Italy Oli brand or Itavibras or US Martin brand, the explosion proof could be CNEX, ATEX OR IEC EX for option
5) The possem belly for the tandem shale shaker as drilling fluids flow distribution are included in the package. Container loading size for convenient transportation.
6) Adjustable G force up to 8.0 G, the shaker deck angle adjustment from -1 to +5, the both sides of the shaker deck will be adjusted simultaneously.
Except for shale shaker, we also produce mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser, mud agitator, centrifugal pump, mixing hopper, mud gun, mud gas separator, vertical cuttings dryer, mud tank, drilling waste management system, oil sludge separation system, pls contact with GN solids control for more information. Welcome to visit our stand at CIPPE 2019 and OTC 2019, we will show our high quality products at the oil exhibition.


Welcome to visit GN solids control at CIPPE 2019

One of the largest oil show in Asia-CIPPE 2019 will be held in March, welcome to visit GN solids control stand at CIPPE 2019 in Beijing.
The general information is as below:

Show Time: March 27-29, 2019
Show Location: New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing (No.88, Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu, Shunyi District, Beijing)
GN Booth: E2168 (Hall E2)
Same as usual, GN solids control will show our lastest technology and equipments to participate in the show, and meet our valuable clients there. After the show, welcome to visit our factory which is very close to the exhibition center, only 30km by drive. All the clients from international and domestic are welcomed to check our facility, workshop, management and equipments.

GN showed one set of compact designed oil sludge treatment system at CIPPE 2018, many clients showed their interests on the oil sludge treatment system, after the show, the system has been tested by the clients in domestic, the separation result is very satisfied by the client, for more information, pls check the working video and case study from our formal website:http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/video/oil-sludge-treatment-test-unit-working-video

After the show, the 1 m3/h oil sludge treatment have been sold to many clients in domestic and also for international clients. We also make several units of 5m3/h, 15 m3/h oil sludge treatment system with customized design for Europe and USA clients.
If you are interested in GN oil sludge treatment system, pls contact with GN sales engineer to get a question list. Continue reading

Hydrovac excavation waste slurry treatment system in Canada

One unit of Hydrovac excavation waste slurry treatment system is shipped to Canada, the function of this treatment system is to recover the water and remedy the soil, the environmental protection regulation is very strict in North America, we already have 2 units of such hydrovac excavation waste slurry treatment working in the State.

The slurry treatment system is consist of equipments below:
1) Waste collecting hopper:
The waste collecting hopper collect the waste slurry discharged from hydrovac truck.
2) Course solids washing tank
The coarse screen under waste collection hopper will separate the big size trash and other mass firstly before feeding to the high G drying shaker.

The high G drying shaker with GN brand composite material frame shaker screens will separate most big size solids and reduce the solids content before feeding to the desilter cone.
3) Fine solids washing unit
Fine solids is separated by desilter cones and the solids is drying by the bottom drying shaker so the discharged soil will be drier for disposal and more fluids will be collected.
4) Dewatering centrifuge unit

The dewatering centrifuge is 22 inch big bowl big volume centrifuge with feeding pump and telescopic skid. The result will be better by using chemical dosing system. The ultra fine solids below 2 microns will be separated by decanter centrifuge with dewatering unit.

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9 shale shaker shipped to Shandong client

This week GN solids control shipped 9 sets of shale shakers to Shandong client, this is their repeat order. We have several models of shale shaker for option:



1)    3 panel shale shaker, GNZS703F with 2.63 m2 total screen area is one of the best sold model among all the models. the 2 vibration motor provide high G force up to 7.5G, the adjustable deck angle adjustment system allow the operator to adjust the deck angle for different purpose during operation, you only need to adjust from one side, then the other side is also adjusted automatically, some other brand shale shaker will need 2 operators to adjust the deck angle at the same time from 2 sides by using same deck angle, it is inconvenient for operation.



2)    4 panel shale shaker, GNZS594F with 2.73 m3 total screen area, the screen dimension is 585x1165mm, the reinforce durable composite material shaker screens are interchangeable with world famous brand shale shaker, the 2 vibration motor provide high G force up to 7.5G, it can separate the solids better so the drilling mud can meet the drilling requirement
3)    2 panel shale shaker GNZS752 with 1.35m2 total screen area, also installed with composite material shaker screens, the working life is 2 times compared with the previous steel frame shaker screens. It is very easy to replace the shaker screens, the operator only need to use the special tools Ratchet wrench to loose the locking wedges, then put the screens on the shaker deck, then use the wrench to lock it again. The whole process did not take 20 seconds, very fast.
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Triple shale shaker to Asia country

GN solids control as the top manufacturer of solids control equipments in China, we continue to expand our business for oil & gas drilling companies and service companies, in the meanwhile, we keep developing new applications such as oil sludge separation for refinery, industry waste water treatment, TBM waste water recovery dewatering unit, centrifugal pump ( industry pump) and TDU ( Thermal Desorption unit). We are going to ship triple shale shaker unit to Asia country for drilling company, the main components includes:

GN shale shaker
1)    Triple shale shaker skid
2)    Possem belly with buffer box
3)    3 units of 4 panel shale shaker, each shaker installed with 4 pcs of composite material frame shaker screens as per client’s required API NO.
4)    Mud cleaner with 3 ea 10inch desander cone, 16 ea of 4 inch desilter cone, with the same bottom shale shaker with the triple shale shaker
5)    Extra shakers screens for operation
If you require the triple shale shaker or tandem shale shaker, twin shale shaker, pls contact with GN solids control for more information.
The purpose to make the triple shale shaker unit is for convenient shipment, easy installation and save place in the mud tank. We installed DGMS / UL/ ATEX/ CE / IEC EX/ CNEX approval vibration motors 2 units on each shale shaker, and the starter is explosion proof with rain proof/ sun proof cover.
GN also provide middle speed centrifuge for barite recovery, high speed centrifuge for low gravity solids separation, VFD decanter centrifuge for drilling fluids recycling. Centrifugal type degasser or vacuum degasser to separate the gas from the gas-cut drilling mud. We also provide complete solids control system based on the client’s special requirement, with all the solids control equipments installed, including mud agitator, mud gun, centrifugal pump, water pump, diesel pump, slurry pump, mud gas separator.

GN will participate in Global Petroleum Show 2018 in Calgary, Canada

GN solids control will participate in Global Petroleum Show 2018 (GPS) in Calgary, Canada, this is not the first time for GN to participate In this oil show, this is the 3rd time of our participation. We got valuable clients during the oil show period.
The exhibition general information is as below:
Show Time: June 12-14, 2018
Show Address: Stampede Park, Calgary, Canada
GN Booth: Hall ABC 1731-4
GN will show our new technology and the most popular products in the oil exhibiton GPS.
1)    Slurry vacuum pump , this is the new products since last year, it is used widely to transfer all kinds of waste, like oil sludge, waste oil, drilling cuttings, dredging slurry, hazardous waste, oil contaminated solids, etc.
2)    Composite material frame shaker screens , GN produce composite material shaker screens for world famous brand shale shaker, like SWACO MONGOOSE, Brandt King Cobra and Venom, VSM 300 primary layer, second layer, FSI all series shale shaker, Kemtron all series shale shaker, Derrick shale shaker screens, etc.

3)    Centrifugal pump, GN C version centrifugal pump is 100% interchangeable with world famous brand centrifugal pump, we also provide replacement parts for other brand centrifugal pump, welcome to send us part number to get the price list.
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GN Solids Control at OTC 2018

GN solids control is now participating the OTC 2018 ( Offshore Technology Conference) in Houston, TX. As usual, we have 2 stands there, the stand number is as below:


Center Hall with number 1369 For GN solids control
8000 in Arena Hall for GN Solids America.
We got huge success at OTC 2018, and we showed the new technology and equipments:


1 Sludge Vacuum pump, it can be widely used to transfer oil sludge, waste oil, drilling cuttings waste, dredging slurry, contaminated solids and all kinds of waste. It operates with air compressor, do not need electric motor drived. GN solids control owns 3 models for option, GNSP-40A with 40m3/h treating capacity, GNSP-10A with 10m3/h flow rate, GNSP-20A with 20m3/h rate. The operation method could be automatically or manually for option. We have customized solution to help our clients to take out the oil sludge from the deep oil tank in refinery.


2 Centrifugal pump and spare parts, which is interchangeable with world famous brand centrifugal pump and the spare parts are all interchangeable. All of the pumps are mechanical seal centrifugal pump, the pump cover and impeller material are both anti- corrosion material.


3 composite material frame shaker screens, as the replacement shaker screens for all the major brand shale shakers in the world, the effective screen area is 10% ~ 20% larger than the traditional steel frame shaker screens, the working life is much longer than previous design. We sold thousands of such screens in USA every month.

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GN will show at OTC 2018 in Houston and IE expo China 2018 in Shanghai

GN will participate in 2 exhibitions in the next May, OTC 2018 in Houston and IE expo China 2018 in Shanghai. The general information is as below:

As Asia’s leading exhibition for environmental technology solutions: Water, waste, air and Soil
Show Date: 3rd – 5th May
Show Location: Shanghai New International Expo Cernter
GN Booth: W2 566
What equipments we will show?
Decanter centrifuge and sludge vacuum pump

GN equipments have been widely used for environmental protection applications, as waste water treatment with chemical dosing system, oil sludge separation system for refinery oil tank bottom cleaning, contaminated soil washing and waste transfer, etc.
The high speed decanter centrifuge separation cut point is 2 ~5 microns, GNLW363CG decanter centrifuge rotary speed is up to 3900rpm, it can separate the particles till 1 microns, working together with flocculation unit, it can separate most of the fine solids in the waste water and reuse the water to save cost, and reduce the burden of waste recovery.

OTC 2018 general information:
Show Time & Location: 30 April – 3 May, 2018. NRG Park, Houston, Texas, USA
Booth No. 1: NRG Center 1369-1 (GN China)
Booth No. 2: NRG Arena 8000 (GN America)
What equipments we will show?
Decanter centrifuge
4 panel Shale shaker
Sludge vacuum pump
Composite material Shaker screens
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