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GN Solids Vacuum Pump sold to Oilfield Service company for drilling waste handling

The solids vacuum pump is mainly used for drilling cuttings transfer, mud tank cleaning, drilling rig platform cleaning, waste pit cleaning, etc. applications by oil service company and drilling companies.

GN solids control have different model vacuum pumps for option based on their requirement. GNSP-40B max capacity is 40m3/h, GNSP-20B max capacity is 20m3/h, GNSP-10B max capacity is 10m3/h. The design capacity of the vacuum pump is nominal capacity, it will varied based on different material, suction and discharge distance and depth. The air supply should be sufficient for vacuum pump reliable operation. The drilling waste can be picked up automatically and transferred to drilling waste management system. Another method to transfer drilling cuttings is screw conveyor, due to place limit and rig site layout, the screw conveyor system may not be used, then solids vacuum pump can be used instead.
The suction process is that the air compressor provide the air into the vacuum generator, which produces negative pressure in the pump body and suck the drilling waste from the suction pipe. The discharge valve is in close condition. According to suction time, the pump will suck material automatically.
The discharge process is that close the valve of vacuum generator, the air flow to the pump body to produce positive pressure inside the pump body. The discharge valve is open, and the drilling waste is pushed out by positive pressure to the expected area.
The features of GN vacuum pump:

  1. It can be used for hazardous area application, since it is 100% air operation pump. But air compressor is required for air supply.
  2. The suction horizontal distance is up to 50m, the discharge horizontal distance is up to 500 ~ 1000m.
  3. The solids size allowed to enter into vacuum pump is up to 50mm or 75mm, the solids content is up to 80%.

Oily Soil treatment solution in China

As an oil sludge treatment system supplier in China, GN solids control also provide customized oily soil treatment solution. Recently one set of customized Oil Contaminated Soil Washing and Separation system are ready for shipment to our customer. Before feeding to standard oil sludge treatment system, we need to broke the solids into small pieces and mining separation shaker to screen the coarse solids and wash the solids so that the oil sludge became fluidity for easy separation by the oil sludge treatment system.

The crushed solids can be transferred by solids vacuum pump and be diluted in the pre-mixing tank and adding proper chemicals, agitating and mixing, the oil sludge will be transferred to screening module by submersible slurry pump. The solids vacuum pump is 100% air operated pump which needs an air compressor to supply air, it can be operated with automatic mode or manual mode according to their requirement.

There is an separate chemical dosing module to add chemicals in the pre-mixing tank and feed the chemicals to decanter centrifuge and 3 phase disc separator, the automatic chemical preparation and dosing unit is used in the preparation, storage, and dosing of powder chemicals. The single barrel manual dosing system is commonly used for manual injection of chemicals, which has the basic function of continuous and stable dosing. Both of the barrel dosing system and automatic chemical dosing unit are installed inside the container for reliable operation and for sun/rain proof.

The main separation components is the centrifuge separation module, including solids liquid separation decanter centrifuge, 3 phase separation disc separator for oil and water separation. The recovered oil is collected into buffer oil tank, the treated water is stocked into water tank, which can be used in the circulation system. The discharged solids will be collected by waste container for further treatment or final disposal.

Solids Vacuum Pump for offshore drilling

GN brand solids vacuum pump has been widely used to transfer different materials in different industry, like mud tank cleaning, crude oil tank bottom cleaning oil sludge, drilling cuttings for both onshore and offshore drilling platform, drilling waste, oil contaminated soil, sand, dredging slurry, industrial waste slurry, etc, it also can be used to clean the cabin, tank top and other drilling site area with the small model vacuum cleaner unit.

GN solids vacuum pump have 3 models for your option GNSP-40B with 40m3/h, GNSP-20B with 20m3/h, GNSP-10B with 10m3/h. The small size pump allowed solids size is max 50mm, max suction distance is 50m, max discharge distance is up to 500m, the max solids content is 80%; The Air Demand is 8m3/min (280 CFM).
The bigger size GNSP-40B pump with max allowed solids size is 75mm, max suction distance is 50m, the max discharge distance is 1000m, the max solids content allowed is 80%. Air demand is 17m3/min (600CFM).
The user should provide an air compressor for air supply to the vacuum pump, it is a 100% air operated pump, it is suitable for offshore drilling platform because electricity power is limited there. Compared with screw conveyor transfer system, vacuum pump can transfer much more long distance, no power consumption, less maintenance cost and spare parts cost, less cost, less space requirement, offshore drilling platform is normally with limit space, screw conveyor transfer system is hardly to be installed there, then several units of solids vacuum pump unit can be installed easily.
If you are interested in GN vacuum pump, pls contact with sales engineer and fill in the question list to check if it can be used or not. For working video and operation video of GN vacuum pump, pls check our website or get it from our sales: https://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/sludge-vacuum-pump

Solids vacuum pump to Africa

Recently we shipped solids vacuum pump to Africa client, the model is portable design GNSP-10B vacuum pump, it is the most popular model because of its compact design, it is easily to be installed and put into the oil tank and other tanks, GN vacuum pump can be also disassembled easily to be installed in the tank bottom and assembly again in the tank.


The solids vacuum pump can be used to transfer not only sludge, but also for animal waste, oil sludge, drilling waste, drilling fluids, chemicals, sand, oil contaminated soils, dredging sludge, mining slurry, waste water, cements and other powder materials.
It is 100% air operation pump without electricity power supply,

The client only need to prepare the suction pipe, discharge pipe and the air compressor.
The air supply demand and pressure required is as below:
For GNSP-40B, 17m3/min( 600CFM) , 80 ~114 PSI
For GNSP-20B, 8m3/min( 280CFM), 80 ~100 PSI
For GNSP-10B, 4.3m3/min(150CFM), 80 ~100 PSI


Why use GN solids vacuum pump instead of other pumps?
1) GN solids vacuum pump is air operation, no need electricity power, it is suitable for the area without electricity and hazardous area.
2) The max solids size is 75mm for GNSP40B and 50mm for GNSP-20B & GNSP10B, it is suitable to transfer the big solids without filter required.
3) Compact design, GNSP10B & GNSP20B are both made as portable structure, GNSP40B is also designed for easy transportation.
4) Powerful suction and discharge, the suction distance is up to 50m, the discharge distance ( horizontal) is up to 500m for GNSP-20B & GNSP10B, the discharge distance is up to 1000m for GNSP40B. The vertical lift height depends on the material, we will send the standard question list to know all the information and judge the possibility to use the vacuum pump.