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HDD Mud Reclaimer manufacturer in China

As a HDD mud reclaimer manufacturer in China, GN solids control can design and produce the solids-liquid separation solution for HDD, CBM, TBM, Piling, etc works. Recently we shipped one batch of mud reclaimer eqiupments to our HDD company client, including:

2021.10.18 Mud Recycling Unit
2 units of GNMS-500D desander unit: this is an economic configuration mud recycling unit, with 1 unit of double deck shale shaker plus desander cone, 1 unit of centrifugal pump as desander feeding pump, 1 unit of fluids catching tank to collect the discharged fluids from coarse solids separation screen layer in the bottom, the centrifugal pump suck the mud from this catching tank to desander cone, the separation cut point is 45 microns, the clean fluids from desander cone will flow to mud mixing tank through pipelines, and the solids will drop on the top layer screen of the dual deck shale shaker for drying and recycling.

2021.10.18 Mud Mixing Tank
1 unit of mud mixing tank, the tank capacity and mixing capacity can be customized according to your requirement, we can add one or 2 mixing hopper with 1 or 2 mixing pump to meet your requirement from 200gpm mixing unit to 1400gpm mud mixing capacity. For this project, we make 2 units of venturi hopper with 2 units of mixing pump installed on the skid of one side.

2021.10.18 Double Deck Shale Shaker
1 unit of double deck shale shaker, normally it is used to separate the coarse solids from the drilling fluids, with 2ea of 2.5HP vibration motor produced high G force, the total screen area is up to 4.63m2, it increase the treating capacity compared with single deck shale shaker and it can treat the mud much cleaner. Both of the top layer shaker screen and bottom layer shaker screen are made of composite material frame shaker screen to ensure the separation performance.

Drilling waste management system ready for shipment

Recently one set of oil based drilling waste management system are ready for shipment to our client in China. The technical configuration is as below:
(1)1 set of GNCD930F vertical cuttings dryer with telescopic skid, with 900rpm speed and max G force is up to 420G
(2) 1 set of GNLW363C-VFD decanter centrifuge installed on the fluids catching tank, and screw pump as feeding pump
(3) skid assy and mud tank, the

2021.09.30 Drilling Cuttings Treatment
The working process is as below:
When the drilling waste management system is installed on the rig site, the drilling cuttings will be collected by screw conveyor directly and automatically transfer to the vertical cuttings dryer for treatment. When the drilling waste management system is installed in the waste facility, probably they will use forklift with a hopper to receive the waste and dump into the collection hopper, which is connected with a screw conveyor inlet port, the drilling waste will be transferred to vertical cutting dryer feeding port automatically through its discharge port; Another way is that the client use the excavator to pick up the drilling waste and sent to the collection hopper, the collection hopper should be big enough to receive the oil based drilling cuttings.

2021.09.30 Vertical Cuttings Dryer
When the drilling waste is water based drilling cuttings or mixture of oil based mud and water based mud, they can not use this system to treat the drilling cuttings. For water based mud drilling waste treatment, we normally user high G drying shaker to separate the big solids firstly, and the fluids are treat by dewatering centrifuge with chemical dosing system. For mixture drilling waste which is collected from offshore drilling rig, they can not be separately collected, we will suggest oil sludge separation unit, we have 1~2 m3/h, 5m3/h, 15 m3/h oil sludge treatment unit for option.