4TH Generation of GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer is Ready

China first set of drilling cuttings vertical cuttings dryer was born in the workshop of GN Solids Control in Hebei Province China, in year 2012. It was a big green buddy with a rotation speed of 900RPM, although comparing with the nowadays newest design, the older brother has several shortcomings, it still attracted lots of eyeballs since 3 years ago.

Right now, since early year 2015, GN has improved the vertical cuttings dryer to the 4th generation, this newly designed and manufactured vertical cuttings dryer has following features:IMG_2710_副本

1. high rotating speed and reliable performance at a high rotating speed. A higher speed leads to a better separation result. You can see from jobsite working video about the result.

2. VFD control panel available. For the new generation of vertical cuttings dryer, GN continues their advantage in electric control panel designs, and enables this model to have 2 optional electric control panels as option, fixed speed one and VFD controlled one.

3. special designed air knife to avoid the screens to be jammed or blocked.

4. there are flites on the rotating assembly to help the solids to be discharged more quickly. During manufacturing , the rotating assembly is well balanced both before and after installing the flites.

5. three optional screen baskets available, operators could choose the suitable screen mesh per their cuttings condition and they also could buy all available meshes for stock. They are easy to change. All rotating parts, including the sreen baskets for spare parts, are well dynamic balanced.

6. both suitable for OBM, SBM and WBM. It is special feature of GN Vertical cuttings dryer comparing with other brands. It is well proved at many jobsites including domestic China and abroad.


Vertical Cuttings dryer, Decanter Centrifuge and drilling mud Shale Shaker are 3 core products of GN Solids Control, and they are all of highest quality and reasonable price. May you or your clients have interest, welcome to contact us freely.



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