Automatic tank cleaning system manufacturer in China

The tank cleaning system consists of tank cleaning machine and the tank cleaning sludge treatment system.
The tank cleaning machine is developed for cleaning tanks in hazardous areas, which provide better cleaning efficiency with minimal use of time, energy and cleaning media.
The tank cleaning machine consists of two main part, one is washing unit, the other one is portable air driven unit. The typical application of the tank cleaning machine will be for crude oil storage tanks, large process vessels and fermenters, large silos and dryers, large reactor, large uni-tanks.

The working principal is as below:
The cleaning media flows through the machine to the nozzle and out of the tank, with high pressure jetting to the tank. This jetting cleaning will create a criss crossed pattern on the tank walls, covering 360° of the tank. The first cycle will create a wide pattern, Pre Wash, on the tank walls, the following cycles will dense the pattern until a full program is reached after 4 cycles.

After cleaning, the sludge will be treated by automatic tank cleaning system, it is a continuous process with waste water cleaning capacity up to 30m3/h, the treated water can be back to high pressure tank cleaning machine for tank cleaning reuse. The process will minimize the consumption of water and manpower involved.
The tank cleaning system can be designed as a skid mounted system or divided into 3 modules according to the job site layout, the explosion proof standard could be as CNEX zone 1 application, ATEX or IEC EX for different applications. The automatic tank cleaning system including strainer, suction pump, chemical dosing unit, static mixer, electric control system, inclined plate clarifier, membrane pump, etc. If you need a tank cleaning unit for onshore or offshore project, pls contact with GN solids control.