Cuttings solidification unit for CNPC

This week GN Start the production of cuttings solidification unit for CNPC, Last week we shipped the vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge to CNPC for their drilling waste management project. The cuttings solidification unit is also an equipment to treat the final drilling cuttings when you do not need to reused the drilling mud.

The configuration of the cuttings solidification unit for CNPC, including:
1 Cuttings collection: The cuttings collection system including a hopper with a screw conveyor, The drilling cuttings from solids control system and drilling waste management system will be collected by the hopper and transferred by the screw conveyor to the mixing vessel.
2 Chemical storageļ¼šOne of them are used to storage the curing agent, one is used to storage the desiccant, the screw conveyor equipped on the tank will transfer the chemicals to the mixing vessel automatically.

3 Mixing vessel: The waste drilling cuttings and chemicals will be mixed here and Hazardous materials like heavy metal ion, toxic organic compounds could be encapsulated in the insoluble blocks.
When the drilling waste cuttings still contains useful drilling fluids which can be reused for drilling rig, we will use the drilling waste management system, including the major equipments vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge. The cuttings solidification unit will be used when you finished the drilling and the drilling cuttings are useless, and it must be disposal safely according to the environmental protection laws. When it is mixed with the chemicals, the hazardous material will not pollute the underground water and earth, it can be land fill directly. Since 2015, very strict environmental law has been issued by China government, all the drilling companies must treat the remained drilling waste safely, firstly they need to install good performance solids control system to reduce the drilling waste, secondly they need to install the drilling cuttings treatment system to reused the drilling fluids and reduce the waste cuttings, finally they can use the solidification unit for final disposal, otherwise they have to pay more to transfer the waste cuttings to other facility for the treatment.

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