Drilling cuttings treatment equipments working at rig site

Below is the photo of one set of drilling cuttings treatment system working at rig site for international oilfield service company, the customer is satisfied with the treatment result. It is used to treat the oil based drilling cuttings from primary shaker, we suggest the user to collect the drilling cuttings from desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge separately and send to oil sludge separation system in the factory to get pure water, recovered oil and solids for disposal. If not meet the disposal standard, it can be sent to Thermal desorption unit for further treatment.

2021.11.24 DWM System Whole Layout

The pre-condition to use the vertical cuttings dryer including that the drilling cuttings should be oil based drilling waste, and only from primary shaker; the drilling cuttings should not be accumulated for too long, the long it is collected, the hard to separate the oil from solids, which will influence the treatment result. The drilling cuttings should not be polluted by rain water and other water, which will increase the water content, the discharged solids will with more moisture.

2021.11.24 Hi-G Shaker and Cuttings Dryer Successfully Using for International Oilfield Company
The high G drying shaker with the function to reduce the solids content, to get the better treatment result, we suggest client to use big screen opening of the screen basket, but by this way, some of the fine solids will be remained in the fluids, if the solids content is too high, the decanter centrifuge will be blocked and it is wear very fast, so we add a high G drying shaker  between them, no need extra feeding pump, just through flow by gravity, it will increase the separation efficiency of the whole drilling cuttings treatment system.
The decanter centrifuge is the last step treatment to separate the fine solids from the mud, the fluids can be reused to prepare for new drilling fluids and reused by the drilling rig.