Drilling Cuttings Treatment Solutions for Offshore Drillings

As the crude oil reservation has been more and more explored and consumed, many countries and oil companies are laying their eyes onto the oceans to look for more reservation. Along with this trend, the offshore drilling technology is developing at a rapid pace. GN Solids Control is a leading on for the drilling fluids treatment.

1. different equipment for land rig and offshores: Comparing with land drilling rigs, offshore drilling faces the ocean environment, such as ocean currents, tides, waves, typhoons, internal wave currents, ice floes, etc., as well as the undulating topography of the seabed, which makes offshore drilling platforms need to withstand huge challenges. And the core equipment on an offshore drilling platform is the rig. In general, the differences in equipment used between offshore drilling platforms and land drilling are mainly reflected in the degree of automation of the equipment, anti-corrosion requirements, and the ability to adapt to different drilling environments. These differences make equipment selection for offshore drilling platforms more complex and diverse, and also require higher technical levels and stricter operating specifications to ensure the safety and efficiency of drilling operations.

2. drilling cuttings treatment for offshores: During drilling, there will be a large amount of drilling cuttings, and the cuttings should be transported to land for safe disposal, that’s why they should be treated as dry as possible before transportation. Based on the composition of drilling mud, oil based mud or water based mud, the cuttings are not same. GN offers vertical cuttings dryer and high G drying shaker respectively for OBM and WBM drilling cuttings drying process. And both solutions have been successfully used for offshore platforms because of the stable quality, anticorrosion painting and easy operation and maintenance.

Recently, GN has customized for an offshore platform with 4 full sets of drying shaker units, each unit containing a drying shaker, centrifugal pump and mud agitator and also mud tank. The system is equipped with a smart control system.

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