Extractor dryer

The EXTRACTOR Dryer are be designed to remove NADF from drill cuttings from the drilling mud shale shaker.  The dryer is with capable or will be reducing the oil on cuttings to < 3% and to an overall total of < 6.9% when the drilling waste centrifuge is taken into account. Excess fluid will be recycled and packed after centrifugation and returned to the drilling mud active system for reuse. The system is not suitable for the treatment of water based mud cuttings.

The EXTRACTOR Dryer contains of a horizontally configured conical screen installed within a balanced cage that is driving at high speed by the  electric motor through a Cyclo- Gear drive gearbox. Positioned of the equipment within the cage is a scroll that turns and transports the separated solids from the machine to obtain highest cuttings dryness. The conical basket contains a suitable screen specially designed to minimize screen binding. The dryer machine is attached to an isolated sub-frame which in turn is mounted on a rugged oilfield skid for transport.GN-Vertical-Cutting-dryer-300x291

The EXTRACTOR Dryer will receives drill cuttings from the Solids Control equipment (shale shaker) by screw conveyor or vacuum system or and/or solids pump.  Drill cuttings then be transported into the Centre of the feed cone and distributed evenly through feed holes by centrifugal action into the flighting channels between the scroll and of the screen. As the drill cuttings pass through of conical screen, the solids layer becomes thinner and exposed to progressively more G-force.

The very high gravitational force will allows the liquid portion of the feed to pass through the cake bed and screen when the cake bed itself is continuously turned and swept outward to be discharged at the outer diameter of the screen. The dried drill cuttings exit from the front of the machine where they are either discharged to the environment or collected for further handling and/or treatment.

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