GN attend the 2023 Indonesia Exhibition for Mining and Oil Industry successfully

This week GN solids control and GN separation joint attend the 2023 Indonesia exhibition for Mining and oil industry successfully. This is the first time for GN separation to attend the Mining Indonesia 2023 exhibition, we introduce our new mining shale shaker by this opportunity, including stackvibrating screen, high frequency vibrating screen, dewatering vibrating screen, classification vibrating screen, large linear vibrating screen, large Banana vibrating screen, large flip flow vibrating screen, also we provide polyurethane screen panel for different type mining vibrating screen.

Also as one of the experienced oil and gas solids control shale shaker manufacturer in China, high efficiency drilling fluids shale shaker and mud cleaner is our major equipments, we also introduce shale shaker, shaker screens for most of the famous brand shale shaker, various size of decanter centrifuges for different projects, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, centrifugal pump, mud agitator, mud gun, vacuum degasser, mud gas separator, mud tank, solids vacuum pump, vertical cuttings dryer, high G drying shaker, screw conveyor, etc. solids control and drilling waste management equipments. The application of vibrating shaker is widely such as oil & gas drilling, geothermal drilling , coal bed methane drilling, HDD trenchless engineering, mining separation, etc.

GN solids control focus on the solution of solids liquid separation for our customers, if only the specific gravity of the 2 different materials have a difference, we can provide a customized solution for separation. For example, oil sludge separation for oil, water and solids 3 phase separation; drilling fluids cleaning for cuttings and useful drilling fluids separation; mining tailing treatment for solids and water separation; drilling waste disposal for discharged cuttings, water and oil separation, etc.
If you need an solution of oil sludge treatment, drilling waste disposal, solids control drilling fluids cleaning , pls contact with GN solids sales engineer.