GN Decanter Centrifuge for Oil Sludge Treatment project

Recently one set of 3 phase separation skid are shipped to environmental solution company, the technical configuration is as below:
1.    One unit of GNLW554ET-VFD decanter centrifuge, with bowl diameter 22 inch, bowl length is 91 inch, the designed max capacity is 600gpm, for oil sludge treatment unit with adding proper chemicals, the capacity can be expected as 15m3/h. the max G force is up to 3051G, the separation cut point is 2 ~ 5 microns, with chemicals jetting, the separation cut point is up to 1 microns. The different speed adjustable range is 0 ~45 rpm, the max torque is 12000 N.M., with main motor 125HP and back drive motor 60HP.

2021.08.04 Oil Sludge Decanter Centrifuge
2.    Screw pump 2 units, one is for decanter centrifuge feeding, the other one is for disc centrifuge flushing pump.
3.    Disc centrifuge GNSD-125, vertical centrifuge, 3 phase separation for oil water and solids separation
4.    2 sets of skid, one for decanter centrifuge, one for disc centrifuge, the treating capacity of the unit is 15m3/h for oil sludge.

2021.08.04 Oil Sludge Treatment System
The decanter centrifuge installed on the centrifuge skid with screw pump with VFD control panel.
The disc centrifuge is installed on the 3 phase separation skid with flushing pump, with flushing tank to avoid solids blocking.
We can make it as a complete skid for convenient transportation, also we can make it separately for flexible connection, the client can use them for different projects if required. If they need to lift it to the jobsite, we can also make the design compact footprint.
If there is coarse solids inside the oil sludge, coarse solids separation shaker modular should be used before the decanter centrifuge separation skid, if the oil sludge with less flowability, pre-mixing tank with heating lines should be used firstly to dilute the oil sludge, adding chemicals, mixing and heating before feed to coarse shaker modular and decanter centrifuge modular.