GN Drilling Waste Management System for Drilling Cuttings

Hebei GN solids control is the top and first API certified manufacturer in China of solids control equipment and system. GN product has been exported to more than 60 countries, and GN highest standard decanter centrifuge is popular in the international market, especially in the Middle East and the Africa. About 100 decanter centrifuges are exported to the world for oil and gas drilling and diamond drilling. Also, GN has extended its business to drilling waste management with the second generation of GN vertical cutting dryer. And GN has designed and build the complete set of drilling waste management system with the first stage treatment of GN vertical cutting dryer and the second stage treatment of decanter centrifuge.

On the drilling site, cutting discharged from the first stage solids control equipment: shale shaker and the second & third(desander and desilter) will fall into a screw conveyor, which will feed the cuttings to the vertical cutting dryer to process. Cuttings will be dried with a OTC≤6%,so that the cuttings can be discharged directly. The liquids will be pumped into the decanter centrifuge for further process to separate the ultra-fine solids out of the mud, and then the mud will be clean enough to be reused. This year, GN drilling waste management system sell well, many a sets are now working on the site. One for Shell project is now working in Sichuan, Province, China; one is working in Cyprus to dry the oil-based drilling cuttings, also four for Nordous Industry Projects.


For environmental reasons, many drilling companies now require drying solution. GN vertical cutting dryer solution is not only suitable for oil-based mud drilling cutting but also for water-based mud drilling cuttings. And now it is accepted by big player gradually.

Solids Control System 7

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