GN Horizontal vacuum degasser working principal

GN designed horizontal type vacuum degasser create a negative pressure inside the vacuum tank by the vacuum pump suction. Under the atmospheric pressure, the drilling fluids enter the hollw shaft of the rotor through the suction pipe, then sprays towards the tank wall through the windows around the hollow shaft. Due to the collision and separation wheel, the drilling fluids forms a thin layer, causing bubbles immersed in the mud to break and gas escape.Through the vacuum pump suction and gas water separator’s separation, gas is discharged to a safe area through the exhaust pipe, mud is discharged from the mud outlet through centrifugal force generated by the impeller rotation driven by the main motor. Remember that the main motor should be started firstly, then vacuum pump motor starts. The suction pipe and discharge pipe should be placed under the mud level.

The vacuum pump is a water ring type vacuum pump, when start the vacuum pump motor, a negative pressure of 550mm Hg is formed by the vacuum pump inside the vacuum tank.
The outlet pipe is connected to the intet of gas water separator, the gas is out of the vacuum tank and discharged through the exhaust pipe.
How to use the horizontal vacuum degasser?

Firstly, open the ball valve on the vacuum pump water inlet pipe, then open the valve on the water inlet of the gas water separator, press start on the control panel, start the vacuum pump, let the drilling fluids enter into the vacuum tank. The vacuum pump will be stopped if you press the stop button, then stop the main motor button , disconnected the power supply.
Except for horizontal type vacuum degasser, we also produce centrifugal degasser for vertical installation, If you need a centrifugal degasser, pls check with GN solids sales.