GN shaker screen promotion plan in 2017

Recently GN solids control release a new shaker screen promotion plan, which has been published in our official website, for more information, pls refer to here:
GN Shaker Screen Points Reward Program

The main purpose for the promotion plan is that to introduce our good quality, competitive price shaker screens to our clients, most of these clients are drilling companies, who will use shaker screens for their daily operation, their huge requirement of shaker screens lead them to control the purchasing cost to lower their drilling total cost, because their client also cut their budget and offer them less price for the drilling operation. GN own advanced production technology of composite material shaker screens, the screen frame is composite material, the screen wire mesh material is stainless steel 304 or 316L. GN composite material frame screen has passed the API RP 13C lab testing of third party in USA.
The content of GN promotion plan of composite material shaker screens is as below:
1)    All the clients who bought GN composite material shaker screens can apply for the screens point reward program. No matter for the OEM screens of GN brand shale shaker or replacement shaker screens for other brand shale shaker.
2)    Each piece screen purchasing equals to one point, the accumulated bonus points could be used as part of the cost, up to US Dollars 15,000, of the equipment. The drilling companies need to replace their solids control equipments once the old equipments are too old to treat the drilling mud well, like shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, etc. But the purchasing order with discount over 10% is excluded with the promotion plan. You can get either award for the shaker screen purchasing.
3)    The clients purchased from GN Solids America LLC in Houston, TX also can participate in the promotion plan.

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