GN Shale Shaker Screens

As GN produces increasingly more solids control tools and drilling waste management systems to fulfill clients altering demands on drilling fields or Non-search fields, clients have greater and greater demands on GN Solids Control that is supplying them the required costume parts for example shale shaker screens.


Now GN will quickly establish his new factory to meet the requirements of huge quantity shaker screens. Around the finish of the year, GN new branch factory can help GN to create a lot more shale shaker screens, which new branch clients are quite close to GN Solids Control Company. It’s this kind of very good news for GN as well as for GN clients.


Usually, GN can establish from 5000 pieces shale shaker screens to eight 1000 pieces shale shaker screens each month, however, thinking about the big need this manufacturing capacity isn’t enough. Anyway, based on new factory, GN will solve these complaints perfectly well, and GN will introduce many advanced CNC machines to enhance the development, in addition to hire more knowledgeable employees to focusing on this special area.


For GN Solids Control, a myriad of shale shaker screens could be created, like the hook strip flat screens, the pyramid screens, hook strip soft screens and steel frame screens etc.


If you’re able to title the screen, then GN will design and manufacture them. The great characteristics which are adopted strictly by GN engineers, therefore the world most well-known brands could be exchangeable and carried out well on many different shale shakers. By utilizing GN shale shaker screens, our clients cannot only keep your same performance because the renowned brands screens, but additionally can same much cash around the cost. For this reason our clients always call GN shale shaker screens economical.


With lots of effective encounters, GN has over 60 countries’ clients which are using his shaker screens, so we believe case the great start of GN shaker screens, later on increasingly more clients may have the chance to become familiar with GN.shaker screen1

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