GN solids control participate in CIPPE 2019 successfully

This week GN solids control participate in CIPPE 2019 successfully. We got positive feedback from our client for the oil sludge treatment system and pitless solution for oil & gas drilling.

The pitless solution also called zero discharge system for drilling rig, it includes water based mud and oil based mud, the design is very different. For water based mud pitless system, the main equipments are screw conveyor, high G drying shaker, VFD decanter centrifuge, dewatering unit and solidification unit.
The oil based mud drilling waste management system , the major equipments are screw conveyor or vacuum pump, vertical cuttings dryer, VFD decanter centrifuge, we have standard design drilling waste management system for option, with treating capacity 40 m3/h. As per the new environmental protection laws, it is forbidden to dig a hole for storage of the waste drilling fluids and oil waste at the drilling rig site. It is a pollution of ground water and earth, and hard to treat the waste after drilling is finished, you need to waste more money and more time. The better way is to treat the drilling waste timely by using pitless system.
The useful drilling fluids can be recycled to prepare for new drilling fluids, the discharged solids can be used for landfill or construction industry when it meets the disposal standard of the specific country.
We also showed our compact design oil sludge treatment with the treating capacity 0.5 ~1 m3/h, the main configuration including shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, three phase centrifuge, pre-mixing tank, fluids collection tank and chemical dosing system, oil tank and water tank, all the equipments are installed on one skid for convenient transportation and operation. We have bigger size oil sludge treatment system with 5 m3/h and 15 m3/h for option, welcome to send us your inquiry.

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