GNLW454 Decanter Centrifuge For Sale With Discount More Than 30%

GN Solids Control built one set GNLW454G decanter centrifuge for sale with great discount more than 30% to promote sales . This is a high speed long bowl decanter centrifuge for separate fine drilling solids at 2500 RPM with capacity 264 GPM .


Main Specification Of GNLW454G Decanter Centrifuge That For Sale


  1. The bowl diameter is 450 mm ( inch ) , bowl length is 1720 mm ( mm ) , the bowl speed is 2200 or 2500 RPM .
  2. The max capacity of GNLW454G decanter centrifuge : 264 GPM , main motor : 45 KW , Back Drive motor : 15KW .
  3. The bowl length and diameter ratio is 4 to keep a better performance .
  4. Bowl made by stainless material SS304 .
  5. Centrifuge screw weld ceramic tile support , the ceramic tiles bolted on tile support to make it replacable .
  6. There are ceramic protection point at solids discharge outlet to protect centrifuge bowl from wearing .


Applications of GNLW454G Decanter Centrifuge That For Sale


As the mud flow max 267 GPM , GNLW454G decanter centrifuge can be working on solids control system for fine solids separation after desilter separation . This is the most important application and earliest use for decanter centrifuge . Drilling waste management getting more and more important for environment protection , the GNLW454G decanter centrifuge can be used for drilling cuttings process to recycling drilling fluids dryed by vertical cuttings dryer or Hi G dryer . Other than oil and gas drilling , it can be used for coal gas methan drilling , horizontal directional drilling and other drilling application .


Other than decanter centrifuge , GN Solids build a complete line solids control equipment and drilling cuttings process equipment , pls contact GN Solids form more information .

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