GNTBM-360 TBM Slurry Separation Plant are ready for shipment to pipe jacking engineering company

GN solids control design and produce 240m3/h, 360m3/h, 500m3/h TBM Slurry Separation Plant, which is suitable for big TBM project. The features of GNTBM slurry separation plant:

2021.11.08 Slurry Separation Plant
1.    Compact design, module design, integrated design, small footprint, easy transportation
2.    Customized design, can change our design as per client’s requirement
3.    5 phase separation, the discharged solids is much drier, and the fluids is more clean
By assembly different modules, we can provide more different treating capacity system.
Basic model:

2021.11.08 TBM Slurry Separation Plant
GNTBM-240 ( 240m3/h)
GNTBM-360 ( 360m3/h)
GNTBM-500 ( 500m3/h)
Assembled model:
GNTBM-800 ( 800m3/h)
GNTBM-1000 ( 1000m3/h)
GNTBM-1500 ( 2000m3/h)
GNTBM-2000 ( 800m3/h)
GNTBM-2500 ( 2500m3/h)
GNTBM-3000 ( 3000m3/h)
Recently one set of 360m3/h TBM slurry separation plant are ready for shipment to pipe jacking engineering company. The technical configuration is as below:
1.    Coarse solids separation shaker : GNZKR-1230, 1 set
2    Double deck mud cleaner :GNZY705E-Y3S16N, 1 set
the bottom shale shaker is a double deck shale shaker, with 3 ea of 10 inch desander cone and 16ea of 4 inch desilter cone , the total treating capacity is 360m3/h. the screen area is 4m3. The vibration strength is max 7.5G ( adjustable)
3 Desander feeding pump is GNSB8X6-14/12J, desilter feeding pump is GNSB8X6-14/12J.
4.    The system frame is 6058 x 2438x2891mm, with fluids catching tank, during transportation, the coarse solids separation shaker will be disassembled.
The 5 phase separation process including:

2021.11.08 GNTBM-360 Separation Plant
Pre-treatment : coarse solids separation, to separate the big solids, stones, sand
Desander cone separation, the separation cut point is 45 microns
Desilter cone separation: the separation cut point is 20 microns
Mixing: the collected fluids will be used to prepare for new fluids to be reused.
Decanter centrifuge: the separation cut point is 2~5 microns
If you need a customized solution for TBM slurry separation plant, pls contact with GN solids control.