Heli lifted solids control system shipped to Papua New Guinea

Last month we shipped one set of Heli lifted solids control system to Papua New Guinea by air freight. This is not the first time for GN solids control to produce such Heli lifting mud tank system, we ever supplied the similar projects before. The design and production is different with the normal solids control system.

The Heli lifted solids control system including:
2 units of shale shaker, 1 unit of mud cleaner, 2 unit of centrifugal pump, 1 unit of mud gas separator, 1 set of trip tank, 1 set of treatment tank, 1 set of mud mixing tank, all with tank accessories, handrails, walkway, stairs, electric control system, lightings, mud agitator, mud gun, etc.


Linear motion Shale shaker with 3 pcs composite material frame shaker screens, 2 ea of 2.3HP vibration motor, 1 ea of explosion proof starter, the shaker deck bottom is made of stainless steel material for better abrasion resistance. The G force is adjustable and up to 7.5G.
Linear motion mud cleaner with 3pcs composite material frame shaker screens, 2 ea of 10 inch desander cone, 12 ea of 4 inch desilter cone, also equipped with 2 ea 2.3HP vibration motors, 1 ea of explosion proof starter.
The mud gas separator is installed on a frame for convenient transportation, during shipment, it will be laying down.


All the equipments are installed in a heli lifting designed frame for safety lifting by a Helicopter in Papua New Guinea.
The mud tank are also equipped with lifting pad for heli lifting purpose. The mud agitator are heavy duty to be used to agitate the drilling fluids in the mud tank.

If you need such customized design solids control system, pls contact with GN solids sales. We can also produce vacuum degasser, decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer, etc. equipments for solids control system.

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