High G Drying Shaker and Mud Cleaner for Offshore

The high G drying shale shaker and mud cleaner for offshore is different with the onshore drilling equipments, recently we shipped one batch of offshore project used high G drying shaker and mud cleaner to our clients with customized explosion proof standard vibration motor, starter and with offshore suitable painting. Normally we use Japan Kansai Margin used painting or PPG special painting to prevent the equipments from getting rusty.


The shale shaker and mud cleaner installed same size shaker screens with composite material shaker screens, GN solids control can produce the OEM shaker screens for our own linear motion shale shaker and high G force drying shaker and mud cleaner, also we produce the replacement shaker screens for world famous brand shale shaker, like Derrick FLC 500, FLC 48×30,600, Brandt King cobra/ Venom, VSM300, MI-SWACO Mongoose, MD-3,FSI all series. Our shaker screens have been proved to work 50% longer time than traditional steel frame shaker screens in the oil drilling rig.


The high G drying shaker and mud cleaner is installed on the catching tank which with 4 lifting pad can meet offshore lifting requirement, and the painting color is customized.
The mud cleaner is desander cone, desilter cone and underflow shale shaker combination 3 in 1, with the same model shale shaker with the high G drying shaker. The different qty desander cone and desilter cone design to meet different treating capacity requirement.
Except for offshore high G drying shale shaker and mud cleaner, GN also provide decanter centrifuge for offshore project. We will provide decanter centrifuge with ATEX motor and positive pressurized VFD control panel for class 1 div 1 application.
If you need solids control equipments and drilling waste management equipments for onshore and offshore project for oil & gas drilling rig, pls contact with GN solids sales.

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