How to operate a high speed decanter centrifuge?

A high speed decanter centrifuge or a VFD decanter centrifuge can be widely used for drilling fluids cleaning, drilling cuttings treatment, waste water treatment and slurry dewatering, etc. How to operate a high speed decanter centrifuge produced by GN Solids Control? Below is some instructions about it.

Firstly connect with power supply with decanter centrifuge control panel, switch controller between control panel and power supply is necessary to ensure wiring safety, then loose the fixing screws, keep the screw end 5mm faraway from centrifuge bowl. If the centrifuge is VFD decanter centrifuge, plug the main motor, variable frequency back drive motor, back drive motor fan, and feeding pump motor into the control panel, connect the power cable to the terminals in the VFD control panel, then provide clean and dry air from the air inlet, the required working pressure is 0.4 Mpa to 0.7 Mpa (150~200 L/min).

During operation of the VFD decanter centrifuge, open the air source and adjust the inlet pressure, select work mode. Simultaneously push the 2 buttons on positive pressure controller for 5s until displayed N , the positive pressuried VFD control panel start to work. Input the main motor speed and back drive motor speed to start the centrifuge, when the centrifuge operates normally , input the operation parameters of the feeding screw pump. when the feeding pump is stopped, a red window showed that “conveyor speed set error, number set should lower than”, pls select No to refuse flushing. When the red window disappeared, set flushing parameters to flush the decanter centrifuge. After the decanter centrifuge stopped completely, switch off main power, close air source, cut off power supply.
If you have any problem to operate GN high speed decanter centrifuge or VFD decanter centrifuge produced by GN, pls contact with GN solids control.