Mining Tailings slurry separation system

Mining Tailings are the materials left over after the process of separating the valuable fraction from the uneconomic material of an ore. For the contractors, tailings is an external cost of mining. More and more countries and governments keep developing the mine regulation on the environmental safe purpose and proper mine tailings pond solution is must required by laws. For a responsible company, Tailings dams are often the most significant environmental liability for a mining project.GNMS-500GL HDD1 GN special designed slurry separation system can be used for tailings dam treatment from the tailings pond. Our engineer team will required a test report of the particle size of the solids and give you proper solution to less the burden of environment. For example, the shale shaker is different with oil & gas drilling used shale shaker, it is mining used shaker with big treating capacity. The shaker screen is polyurethane material which last longer than traditional stainless steel shaker screens. The desnder, desilter material is special made with ceremics insert. For coal and oil sands mining, tailings means fine waste suspended in water. GN dewatering unit with polymer mixing unit is applied for separation of fine solids under 5 microns. GN waste dewatering unit has been applied in over 50 countries in the world, the applications including oilfield waste management system, tunneling waste water treatment, mining tailings waste water dewatering, etc. Not only for mine tailings treatment, GN dewatering unit with dewatering centrifuge can be also used for diamond core drilling. GNLW223 dewatering centrifuge has been used in many countries in the world for mining diamond core drilling purpose. We also provide solids removal unit including the mini decanter centrifuge as a compact design system which can be applied for core drilling. GN solids America( with headquarter GN solids control) will attend Global Petroleum Show in Canada, Calgary from June 9th to 11th, pls visit our booth and check our dewatering centrifuge for mining tails slurry separation.

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