Most Efficient Equipment Used for Solids Control & Waste Management

As first API certified solids control manufacturer in China, GN Solids Control has provided to more than 60 countries and regions with its cost effective products, covering all related main equipment of solids control and drilling waste management line for oil and gas drilling.

The main principle of the solids control systems is physical separation, using the physical characters of different media, the solids control equipment separate as much solids from the liquid. Right now, in other industries besides the oil and gas drilling, such functional equipments are also chosen by the end users, to make their work more efficient and easier.

2015.11.05 Big Bowl Big Volume decanter centrifuge shipping to Australia

Physical Functions of solids control equipment:

Since the most important solids control equipments are respectively shale shaker and decanter centrifuge, we talk about only these 2. Now in many oil and gas drilling jobsite, the end users choose to use more shakers and centrifuges instead of former hydrocyclones.

1. shale shaker. Shale shaker is the most efficient equipment in solids control process, because it uses less energy while separates the most solids out of the liquid by using the different size of the solids and by means of different size mesh on the shaker and a couple of vibration motors. The disadvantage is that the shaker could not separate very fine particles, and its separation work is a bit draft. GN has 3 nos screen shale shaker and 4 nos screen shale shaker for option with model GNZS703E and GNZS594E.

2. decanter centrifuge is a high speed rotation machine, mostly horizontal. It has a high speed rotating bowl and inside bowl there is an impeller. During the rotating, the centrifugal forces on different material are not same, that causes the liquid phase continuously flows out of the bowl while the solids particles are slashed on the bowl inside wall and pushed out of the centrifuge solids discharge ports. The decanter centrifuge a gentle and precise, more costly than shale shaker, not only the cost of itself, but also the consumption of electric power. But it is ideal solution for separating out the fine and extra fine particles. GN centrifuge family covers all common sizes of decanter centrifuges from 9 inch bowl diameter to 22 inch bowl diameter, among those centrifuges, GNLW363 with 14 inch bowl is the most popular model.

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