Mud Agitator adjustment refer to fig V

Mud Agitator adjustment
Mud Agitator adjustment refer to fig V. There is mainly bracket, pedestal, elevation whirl worm, elevation nuts, etc. When we make adjustment, handle wheel rotary by clockwise, shaker deck angle will be larger; handle wheel rotary by anti clockwise shaker deck angle will be less.
Mud Agitator output angle adjustment can be operated under running and off. When finish the shaker deliver it, the shaker deck is 0°. When user operate shaker, according to drilling mud property and flow rate on job site, and adopts same screen, the angle is higher, the treating performance will be better while treating capacity will be higher. When drilling fluid is leaking on shaker deck, increase deck angle can get rid of fluid flow away
Angle range: -2 ~ +8°, rated angle is 0~ +5°

Fig V. mud agitator manufacturer Clean dust on shell regularly,Before operating, must check the bolts to confirm whether there is loose or not. Otherwise, we must screw bolts tight before running shaker,Inspect the cable, whether there is wear, hold down, crushing, etc.
the vibration motor should be under good lubrication during operation:
Motors before fixed on shaker, the bearing is filled with SKF specific lubricate grease, the temperature range is -40 ~ 200℃
During running, every 2000 working hours user should makeup LGHP2 lubricate grease once. Every bearing can not be filled over 25.8g
During 2000 hours, if any bearing daily temperature increase (temperature increase means motor shell actual one deduct environment temperature, every half one month test on bearing temperature increase is requested) 10° than common situation. This means the lubrication isn’t sufficient. At this time, the lubrication schedule and lubrication grease make up quantity should be decreased properly. In principle, every 2000hours, every bearing lubrication grease makeup should be less than 25.8g. Such as, lubrication period will be deducted half of usual quantity (1000 hours) while lubrication grease make up should be less than 12.9g. Usually, bearing daily temperature increase every 10°, lubrication period and make up quantity should be decreased once
To make sure bearing operated well, we must use LGHP2 grade high temperature lubrication grease. Before adding new lubrication grease we should clean the input hole.
Commonly, bearing will have natural temperature increase by 1-2℃ just after lubricating or second lubrication.To avoid dust fall into oil input hole, or wear bearing, usually we’ll use oil cup to close oil hole.
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