Mud agitator and vacuum pump to China client

This week GN solids control shipped 56 units of mud agitator and 3 units of vacuum pumps shipped to China client. Mud agitator is one of the major equipments for mud tank system, it also works together with mud gun.


There are 2 types mud agitators, horizontal and vertical installed mud agitator. Most of the mud agitator is horizontal type mud agitator for oil and gas drilling mud tank system, there are also 2 types horizontal mud agitator, one is direct connection type mud agitator, the gear box and explosion proof motor is installed directly; the other one is coupling connection type mud agitator, the gear box and explosion proof motor is installed through the coupler on the skid. The mud agitator is installed on the mud tank for agitating the drilling mud and prevent it from silting.


The vacuum pump is used to transfer the drilling cuttings, solids waste, oil sludge, dredging slurry, hazardous waste, oil contaminated soils, etc waste. The vacuum pump is operated by air, no need electricity power. There are automatically operation and manually operation for option, the user need to get the vacuum pump ready before commissioning.
We have 10 m3/h, 20 m3/h, 40m3/h flow rate vacuum pump for option, the user can choose different model vacuum pump based on the required flow rate, the max solids size limit will depends on the pump model. Screw conveyor is another method for drilling cuttings transfer system, if the fluids content is very high, the vacuum pump is more suitable for such drilling waste. The screw conveyor collect the drilling cuttings from solids control system, and the other screw conveyor transfer the drilling cuttings to vertical cuttings dryer. After discharged from the vertical cuttings dryer, the OOC is below 5%.
If you need slurry vacuum pump, pls contact with GN solids control.

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