Mud Agitator for Weddings- Gives You a Decent Look

Mud Agitator for Weddings- Gives You a Decent Look


To achieve optimum performance and reliability from your degasser, the services and utilities described in the following paragraphs must be available at the installation site.

Mud system The customer must provide a compartmentalized mud-settling system.

Mud Agitator A customer-supplied centrifugal pump is required for operating the eductor. The pump must provide 75 feet of head at the eductor inlet, which must be located no farther than 25 feet from the degasser.

For electrical service requirements, refer to the voltage label above the electrical junction box. Also consult the data plate on the vacuum pump motor housing to verify power requirements. Refer to Section 11 – Reference Drawings for the wiring schematic that applies to your degasser. Electric service will also be required for the customer-supplied centrifugal pump drive motor.

The vacuum pump has a 1-1/2” NPT fitting on its outlet manifold. This fitting is provided for carrying the extracted gas away from the degasser. The customer must connect a suitable line to carry the gas to a safe distance from the equipment.

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