Mud Tank Design In The Drilling Site

The mud tank design affected by the whole drill site and procedure , the surface pits or dirty mud storage is comprised by active circulation system to contain enough usable drilling mud to fill the drill hole . The active surface system will be divided into 2 parts : solids removal and addition suction parts . The solids removal equipment and degassing will be happen in solids removal parts like shale shaker , vacuum degasser , mud cleaner , etc . The addition suction part use adding fresh mud to the circulating system by mixing hopper and mixing pump and provide sufficient residence time for mixing together before mud being pumped into downhole . The slug tank normally use to pump small pills like LCM or barite slugs and each section further divided into enough compartment .

Mud Recycling Tank

The equalisatio height between mud tank compartment is depend on the duty of the tank compartment . There is a rule that an adjustable equalizer will be need between the solids removal part and addition suction part . There are different mud tank compartment , the sand trap is the compartment under shaker to keep drilling mud after shale shaker . It should be the only settling compartment and preferably should not be used in closed toopsystem . There sand trap floor should have a 45 degree slope to its outlet for selfcleaning and 20 to 30 bbl size capacity .


The solids removal equipment will be arrange to remove different size of solids . Shale shaker is the first phase cleaning for bigger drill cuttings ,desander will be sit after shaker to separate sand out and desilter sit after to separate silt out . The decanter centrifuge will be installed depending on drilling condition for 2 to 7 microns separation of fine solids .

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