Offshore ViST Vacuum Shale Shaker manufacturer in China

As a professional drilling fluids shale shaker manufacturer in China, GN solids control developed offshore ViST vacuum shale shaker and shipped to offshore project this week.


Why use GN ViST vacuum shale shaker?
The user already installed solids control system at site, why they should use GN ViST vacuum shale shaker? GN ViST vacuum shale shaker is GN shale shaker with a vacuum suction hopper installed under the last shaker screen. It has a combination function of solids control shale shaker and high G drying shaker, and save the space to install the high G drying shaker, especially for the offshore drilling rig when there is no enough room to install drilling waste management equipments, The ViST vacuum unit solved the problem.


By using GN ViST vacuum unit, the drilling fluids recycling efficiency will be increased by 30~ 50%, it reduced a lot the discharged drilling cuttings, then reduce the cost to transport, treat and disposal the drilling waste. It reduce the hazardous drilling waste influence to environment, and do not waste electricity power at site, it can use the same air compressor with rig.


The traditional drilling waste management system for oil based mud and Synthetic oil based mud is the vertical cuttings dryer system with VFD decanter centrifuge package and feeding pump, telescopic skid, the cuttings collection system could be customized according to the actual situation, the option has screw conveyor system, cuttings vacuum pump. GN has our standard design for the vertical cuttings dryer system, after treatment, the OOC can be below 5%, but if the client’s site did not have enough space to install the system, it will be a problem. GN ViST vacuum shale shaker just can be another option.
If you would like to know more details of GN ViST vacuum shale shaker, pls contact with GN solids sales.

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