Oil sludge Treatment system to Uganda

GN solids control shipped one set of oil sludge treatment system to our Africa client last November, now the system has been set up in the client’s rig site in Uganda.

2017.06.15 Oil Sludge Treatment System for Uganda
The oil sludge treatment system including:
1. shale shaker tank skid:
GNZS594E-LD High G drying shaker is 4 panel pretentioned shaker screen shale shaker, it is used for the drying of the cuttings/WBM/oil sludge and separation of the coarse solids from the oil sludge.The screen size is 585x1165mm, composite material shaker screens with stainless steel 304 wire mesh. The shaker is with hot water spray system to avoid the blocking of the oil sludge on the screen because of high viscosity.
2. decanter centrifuge with dewatering unit tank skid:
VFD decanter centrifuge with dewatering unit on the same mud tank skid, the 14 inch bowl decanter centrifuge is the best sold model centrifuge for oil sludge treatment system, Before feeding to the centrifuge inlet pipe, the heated oil sludge ( from the shaker tank) will be adding chemicals and mixed in static mixer then flow to the centrifuge feed pipe. After treatment of the decanter centrifuge, the fluids will be adding acid or alkali to adjust the PH value for safety disposal.
3. Acid & Alkali Liquid storage Skid
4. 3 phase separation system skid, it is also called oil water separator skid, including slant plate clarifier and oil water separator.The clean oil and clean water will be separated and storaged in the buffer tank.
5. Screw conveyor to transfer the discharge cuttings from shale shaker and decanter centrifuge
We have 10inch diameter, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch screw convetor with different length for option, each section is 12ft length, you can choose 1 section, or 2,3,4 section according to the rig area dimension. The discharged solids will be transferred automatically by the augers to the waste container for disposal.

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