Seventy units GN Centrifuges in Africa

Early 2015, GN exported around 40units centrifuge to Egypt, plus 30 in 2014. Now 70 in Africa.

As we have a tendency to all grasp, China in Africa has mostly been couched in government rhetoric and clouded by stereotypes. On 29 Oct., China disclosed the small print of its fourth batch of aid price some eighty two million U.S. greenbacks to assist African countrie’s fight against the Ebola virus. Obsolutely not solely politicions, neither another batch of aids. a lot of and a lot of business association is going on. joined of the leading solids management & drilling waste management provider in China, currently a lot of ┬áthan thirty units carafe centrifuges in operation in Africa in 2014.

If you’re interested, pls check the video here from Youtube:

OIL is usually massive resource in Africa, drilling work is one in every of the foremost necessary activity, Then here comes the setting protection, solids management & drilling waste mangement, not just for recoverying the helpful lubricator, this can be one necessary issue to encourage folks to try to to this although, conjointly to safeguard wherever folks live.

This time, our once sales team comes back from western Africa, once did empowerment & coaching for three rig sites. Nearly all of them victimisation the foremost widespread carafe centrifuge GNLW363 series.

One of the rig web site victimisation 2sets GNLW363 centrifuge, one set is fastened speed carafe centrifuge, with 3200rpm high speed once delivery, conjointly 2200rpm/2500rpm/2700rpm as option; the opposite variable speed centrifuge with VFD instrument panel. With the PLC VFD instrument panel, the client will modification the speed simply from zero to 3200rpm ceaselessly.

Another rig web site, is victimisation centrifuge with flocculant unit for dewatering, if we have a tendency to need higher normal, typically it’d not be enough to solely use mechanical separation, polymer, coagulator powder, or regardless of the chemical is, chemical powder is get a lot of and a lot of necessary within the rig web site, and within the want of drilling waste management.

GN Solids management our selves conjointly packing the flocculant unit with a reliable partner. Doing our greatest to provide client with a 1 stop resolution.


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