The choice of drilling fluid shaker screen

While perform the drilling project on the earth, the rig produce the byproduct of cutting, crushing and grinding of solids that will be broken in loose pieces in different size.  The size in industry standard is measure by micron.  Solids control equipments in different filter stage will achieve the result by its design yet for muti-stage filter process, the line up of correct order of the machines are the must.

To make sure the drill hole cutting surface to the ground , the drilling fluid need to have enough speed in return.  It depends on the well diameter and rig ability to decide the pump output volume to achieve the fluid speed.  To achieve that speed, solids control  machineries need to perform in specific purification level base on particle size and treating capacity are fact that need to be consider.

The choice of drilling fluid shaker screen

Shale shaker is filter the solids in drilling fluid and it is one of the primary equipment.  The shale shaker filter the solids in various size by use the mesh that have different opening and layers to achieve the task.  The mesh number of the screen is bigger, the smaller capacity to remove the solid size is smaller.  The mesh number of is smaller, the bigger capacity to remove the solid size is larger.

In the drilling process, the mud pump produce large volume of mud that contain large cutting.  The screen should use smaller mesh number to filter the cutting.  Later in the drilling process while increase the depth and the well diameter is getting small, the pump produce the mud that contain smaller cutting, then it is time to use larger mesh number  to filter smaller cutting.  Other consideration such as mix ratio of water and solid will affect the result of filtering by the screen.

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