Three phase decanter centrifuge used for oil tank bottom cleaning sludge treatment

The three phase decanter centrifuge can be used for oil tank bottom cleaning sludge treatment, relatively, we can use 1 unit of 2 phase decanter centrifuge with 1 unit of disc separator to instead of it. How to select it?

2021.09.17 3 Phase Decanter Centrifuge
3 phase decanter centrifuge, the cost is cheaper compared with using 1 unit of decanter centrifuge plus 1 unit of disc separator. But for the treatment result , 1 unit of decanter centrifuge + 1 unit of disc centrifuge is better, also the application range is also much wide than 3 phase decanter centrifuge.
To ensure the separation process of 3 phase decanter centrifuge, the user should confirm that the solids content is less than 10%, and the oil content is higher than 10%, otherwise the separation result will not be good, as the high content solids will block the screw easily, and the less oil will lead the liquid – liquid separation very difficult.

2021.09.17 Tricanter Centrifuge
The 2 phase decanter centrifuge can separate the solids with liquid efficiently by using with chemical dosing unit, the prepared chemicals are feed to decanter centrifuge , at the same time, the decanter centrifuge feeding pump also feed the sludge to decanter centrifuge, they mixed well in the feed tube , so that the suspend solids will be accumulated well and will be easily separated out of the fluids, only left very few fine solids( less than 3%) and the solids size is very small, then it will be feed to disc separator, for oil and water separation.
We have 3 models of 3 phase tricanter for option, GNSX-350 with designed capacity 5m3/h, the lubrication method is by grease, GNSX-450 with designed capacity 10m3/h, GNSX-520 with designed capacity 15 m3/h, which the lubrication method is by oil pump. For more information, pls contact with GN solids control.