To get gift from GN solids control, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2017 is almost finished, we sincerely wish all the clients and their families merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and we are glad to announce that you can get gifts from GN solids control by following the steps below:
1)    Download the customer feedback form:

Merry Christmas Wallpapers

Merry Christmas Wallpapers

2)    Fill in the customer feedback form with signature and your company stamp, and send us scan copy.
3)    Our sales team will arrange to express the gift to your address and support you for customs clearance.
In the past year 2017, we got a lot of repeat orders from our old clients for solids control equipments and drilling waste management equipments, also we got new orders for oil sludge separation system from our new clients. We got a lot of new equipments available to use for our operations. Including:
Sludge vacuum pump: it can be used to transfer drilling cuttings or oil sludge, it can be replaced one unit of screw conveyor, it still need another set screw pump to be installed slantly to feed to the vertical cuttings dryer or you can buy a unique designed collection hopper to connect with the vertical cuttings dryer.
Oil sludge separation system to be installed in the refinery, to get pure oil, water and dischargable solids.
Composite material shaker screens for GN OEM shale shaker, replacement shaker screens for Derrick, Swaco Mongoose, Brandt Cobra, FSI, etc.
Centrifugal degasser instead of vacuum degasser, which is used to separate harmful gas from the cut in mud.
Your feedback is very important for GN solids control, we will keep improving our products quality, service and design, so we will look forward your customers feedback form signed. Hope in the future we could provide better service and solution for your projects, we aspect long term cooperation relationship with all the clients.

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