1500HP rig solids control system to India

One set of 1500HP rig solids control system is ready shipment to India for oil drilling company, this is their repeat order since 2008, they keep purchasing the solids control system & equipments and shaker screens, desander cone, desilter cone , etc. spare parts from GN. The technical configuration of this 1500HP rig solids control system is as below:


1) 3 units of linear motion shale shaker, each shaker equipped with 3pcs composite material shaker screens for longer working life and save time to replace shaker screens. One possem belly is installed after the 3 units of shale shaker to collect the drilling fluids from elevated manifold or poor boy degasser and distribute them evenly to 3 shale shaker buffer box. The coarse solids are effectively separated out, so that it can reduce the burden for the next step equipments- mud cleaner and make the working life of desander cone, desilter cone and centrifugal pump longer.


2) 1 units of vacuum degasser to separate the gas from the drilling fluids, to protect the centrifugal pump impeller and keep the mud balance.
3) 2 sets of centrifugal pump as the feeding pump of desander cone and desilter cone, 1 unit of mud cleaner is the combination of 10 inch desander cone, 4 inch desilter cone and bottom shale shaker, the shaker screen dimension is same with the linear motion shale shaker. The desander cut point is 45~75 microns, the desilter cut point is 25~45 microns.


4) 1 units of middle speed decanter centrifuge with submersible slurry pump as feeding pump for barite recovery.
5) 1 unit of high speed decanter centrifuge with submersible slurry pump as feeding pump to separate the cut point 2~5 microns low gravity solids.
6) 2 sets of mud tanks with handrails, walkway, stairs, electric control system, pipelines, valves and all the other accessories.

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