15m3/h Oil sludge separation system shipped to Europe

This week one unit of containerized 15 m3/h oil sludge separation system to Europe client.
The configuration consists of 5 modulars:


1) Pre- mixing tank: the pre mixing tank is necessary, it will influence the result of the equipments next, like shale shaker tank, decanter centrifuge tank, disc centrifuge tank.
2) Shaker tank: the shale shaker with mud agitator installed on top of the mud tank, heating lines around the tank to increase the oil sludge flowability and increase the decanter centrifuge separation performance.


3) 2 phase separation tank : the 22 inch decanter centrifuge installed on top of the tank, the screw pump installed on the same skid, and the screw conveyor collect the solids from the solids discharge port of the decanter centrifuge and transfer outside the container.


4) 3 phase separation skid :the disc centrifuge installed on the skid, the fluids discharged from the centrifuge fluids port flow to disc centrifuge, the clean oil and water will be pumped to separate oil tank and water tank.
5) Chemical dosing system: the chemical dosing system with 3 mixing tank chemical dosing system, and the coagulation system, each tank with chemical dosing pumps.
The oil sludge separation system is used in cold area, so all of the equipments are installed inside the 40ft container to keep it warm. We also consider the operation convenience for the user.
This is the repeat order from the same client, they bought one unit of 1 m3/h oil sludge separation system several month ago, and satisfied with the result.
Except for oil sludge separation system, GN solids control also provide good quality solids control system, drilling waste management system, we will send the question list to the client to know the project information firstly, then we will design customized system for our clients.

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