4 phase cleaning HDD mud recycling system to Sinopec

This week GN solids control shipped one unit of 4 phase cleaning HDD mud recycling system to Sinopec. Normally the HDD mud recycling system is with 2 phase cleaning or 3 phase cleaning, this system is customized for 4 phase cleaning.
The system is consist of the parts below:


1) 1 unit of linear motion shale shaker GNZS703F-DZ installed with 3pcs of composite material shaker screens for free, 2 units of Italy Oil brand vibration motors with max G force 7.5G, which is adjustable.
2) 1 unit of linear motion mud cleaner GNZJ703F-1S8N with 500gpm treating capacity with 2 units of centrifugal pumps as feeding pump of desander cone, desilter cone. The underflow shale shaker model is same with the shale shaker GNZS703F, same dimension shaker screens.


3) 1 unit of VFD decanter centrifuge GNLW363C-VFD, with non explosion proof VFD control panel to adjust the frequency to adjust the rotary speed of the centrifuge, it can control the flow rate by adjust the speed. Vertical submersible slurry pump is installed on the mud tank as feeding pump of decanter centrifuge. One set of screw conveyor is installed to transfer the solids from the centrifuge discharge port to waste container. It is an automatically operation system and no need worker to watch for it time and time.
4) 2 mud tanks with same dimension for convenient shipment, the shale shaker and mud cleaner are equipped in a same dimension frame, which can be put on the same trailer for movement.
The reason to use the 4th phase cleaning decanter centrifuge is to separate the accumulated ultra fine solids after several years operation. The fine solids can not be separated by the desilter cone, when the solids content become higher, it can not be reused, the decanter centrifuge can reduce the solids content efficiently.

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