2 units of mud recycling & mixing system shipped to India

This week we shipped 2 units of mud recycling & mixing system to India HDD contractor. This is the repeat order from the same client, why it is necessary to use the mud recycling & mixing system?
1) Reuse the drilling fluids to prepare for new drilling fluids, save the drilling cost for the HDD contractor


2) Reduce the drilling waste and reduce the influence to the environment, reduce the cost to treat the drilling waste
3) Multi function mud system with recycling, mixing, enough storage
4) A good mud recycling system can lubricate the HDD machine and protect the HDD machine, the working life of the HDD machine can be longer
The technical configuration is as below:


1) 10ea desilter cone installed on top of the double deck shale shaker as 2 phase cleaning equipments, the bottom deck worked as coarse solids shale shaker which is the 1st phase cleaning, the top deck worked as mud cleaner to treat the fluids dropped from the desilter cone to recover more useful drilling fluids and the discharged waste could be drier.
2) The centrifugal pump is 100% interchangeable with Mission Magnum centrifugal pump, the impeller and pump casing material is hard ductile iron alloy for abrasion resistance.
3) The shaker screen is composite material shaker screens for longer working life and better separation performance.
4) The Electric control system is explosion proof for better rain proof, sun proof and dust proof, the working life is much longer than the non explosion proof electric control system.
We have standard mud recycling system with 200 gpm, 350 gpm, 500 gpm, 1000gpm treating capacity, also we can make customized mud recycling system as per client’s requirement. If you need a mud recycling system, pls contact with GN solids control. Welcome to visit our factory in Beijing.

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