3-phase cleaning mud recycling system for No-dig projects

Recently we shipped 3 phase cleaning mud recycling system for no-dig projects again, we ever shipped the same mud system to the largest pipeline crossing contractors last year.

16.04.08 Centrifuge Cleaning System

The 3 phase cleaning mud recycling system is different with the traditional 3-phase cleaning system- shale shaker as the first phase cleaning, desander cone as the second phase cleaning desilter cone as the third phase cleaning. Our system with desander cone as the first phase cleaning, desilter cone as the second phase cleaning, middle speed decanter centrifuge as the third phase cleaning. This is mainly used for drilling fluids with low gravity solids. Along with the drilling depth and time, the ultra fine solids accumulated in the drilling fluids which can not be separated by the desilter cone, middle speed decanter centrifuge is used to reduce the solids content in the drilling fluids for reuse the drilling mud, otherwise it can not meet the drilling required technical parameters.

16.04.08 Mud Cleaner

We also have high speed decanter centrifuge and variable speed centrifuge for option, why we use middle speed decanter centrifuge only? Because the middle speed decanter centrifuge with separation point 5~7 microns which is enough for the HDD application, and the price is much cheaper compared with the high speed decanter centrifuge.

The container sized frame on top of the 20ft standard container size mud tank for convenient movement between different jobsites. Both of the desander and desilter  with bottom shale shaker for drying the discharged solids and recycle more useful drilling fluids.

2 sets of Centrifugal pumps are installed on the mud tank for feeding the desander cone and desilter cone. Another set of centrifugal pump is used as transfer pump for each mud tank package.

If you need a similar mud recycling system for your high density drilling fluids, pls contact with GN solids control for a solution.

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