4 Package Australia Standard Mud Cleaning Unit Ready for Shipment

Recently 4 sets of Australia Standard Mud Cleaning Unit are ready for shipment to Australia.
The features of GN mud cleaning unit are as below:

The model is GNMS-200D, treating capacity is 200gpm, 4 sets

The mud cleaning unit consists of GNZY753E-Y4NF mud cleaner (including double deck shale shaker GNZS753, with 4ea of 4 inch desilter cone, feeding pump, mud tank, electric control system)

The standard of walkway, guardrail, electric motor, electric control system meets Australia safety standard
The working process of mud recycling system is that the pit pump( submersible slurry pump) collect the used drilling mud from mud pit and transfer to mud cleaning unit, the bottom shaker screen for coarse solids separation, the fluids drop into the mud tank, the desilter feeding pump feed the mud to 4 inch desilter cone for cut point 20 microns fine solids separation, the clean mud flow to another mud storage tank, which with mud mixing hopper and mixing pump, to mix with chemical additive to prepare for new drilling fluids and reused it for drilling. If the user need to separation cut point 5 microns, decanter centrifuge will be used and installed on the mixing tank.

The mud cleaning unit is a customized solution of mud recycling, we also have self contained mud recycling system for higher treating capacity and better separation performance It can be widely used for trenchless HDD project, CBM drilling, geothermal well drilling, Tunnel boring machine or bored pile project, water well drilling, diamond core drilling, etc. We have standard model GNMS-200B with capacity 200gpm, GNMS-400B with capacity 400gpm, GNMS-600B with capacity 600gpm, GNMS-800B with capacity 800gpm, the other models can be customized as required.
If you need a treatment solution of construction mud and HDD drilling mud, pls contact with GN solids control.