Double Deck Linear Motion Shale Shaker for Europe Client

Recently GN produced double deck linear motion shale shaker are ready for shipment to Europe client.
The features of GNZS706 double deck linear motion shale shaker is as below:

  1. The GNZS706 double deck linear motion shale shaker, top layer with 3pcs screen, total screen area is 2.0m2, the bottom layer with 3pcs screens, total screen area is 2.6m2. Total screen area is 4.6m2.
  2. Working principal is that top layer screen is to separate coarse solids from the drilling fluids, the bottom layer screen is to separate the fine solids , the double deck shale shaker will increase the treating capacity and reduce the shaker screen damage.
  3. The double deck shale shaker is to replace the old VSM300 shale shaker which installed on client’s drilling mud solids control system.
  4. The double deck shale shaker equipped with mechanical fast lock wedges to assemble and disassemble the screens, for easy replacement of shaker screens and reliable operation. A ratchet wrench is used for screen pressing, if the ratchet wrench failed, the traditional hammer can be used to fix the screen.
  5. With large screening area, linear motion vibration mode and high G force, it can meet both onshore drilling and offshore drilling fluids trearment requirement.
  6. Mechanical shaker deck angle adjustment synchronously while operation is applied.
  7. Wear resistant olyurethane rubber strip with good sealing effect and longer working life.
  8. we can provide bottom fluids outlet and side fluids outlet for option depends on their requirements.
    Except for double deck shale shaker, GN also produce single deck shale shaker, including 2 panel shale shaker, 3 panel shale shaker, 4 panel shale shaker, 5 panel shale shaker, for different treating capacity and mud cleaner with desander cone & desilter cone. Pls contact with GN solids control for more information.