750Hp rig mud system ready for delivery

GN Solids Control Company is ready to distribution one set 750Hp computer drilling mud system to customer. The client is local clientele focus on oil drilling sector. GN Solids Control have touch with them for over some years. And the client only purchase small items in prior years to test the quality of GN product. The small items include things like one set shaker, a few shale shaker screens, some value packs of mud agitator, several centrifugal pumps etc . Finish of last year, the client relieve big order for full set of 750hpr rig drilling mud system.
The solids control mud cleaning system including beneath items.
1) 4 units 40ft container size mud tank.
1 set mud tank as mud recycling where possible tank, 1 set mud tank as mud mixing system tank and the other a couple of tanks as mud safe-keeping tanks. The container dimension tank with locking pit is easy for transportation through 40feet long vehicles.


2) 2 sets GNZS703E-HB shale shaker
Your client chooses to use 3 panel shakers to save cost about shaker screen utilize. That model shaker is also older product and has been discussing oil drilling for over your five years, quality is very very good and feedback is always satisfied.
3) 1 set GNZJ752-2S mini desander & a single set GNZJ752-12N mini desilter
GN mini desander as well as desilter is combination of little shaker (GNZS752 mini shale shaker) with desander cones or desilter cones. The particular mini unit is very sleek and stylish and cost-effective.
4) GNLW452C decanter centrifuge
GN decanter centrifuge is usually popular at solids control field and drilling squander management field. With more than 200sets centrifuge sales quantity, GN decanter centrifuge will be occupy more market share coming from US/Europe brand.
Other solids control product including: mud hopper, mud agitator , centrifugal pump, and so on If you already have complete pair of mud system and need to switch the old products, pls in addition contact us and we can provide almost all replacement items for consumers.

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