ATEX certified Vacuum Degasser and Mud Gas Separator to Europe Client

One unit of ATEX certified vacuum degasser and mud gas separator are ready for shipment to Europe client.
Mud gas separator, also called poor boy degasser, GN ZYQ series atmospheric pressure mud gas separator is a specialized equipment for primary degassing of gas cut drilling fluids, mainly used to remove gas cut drilling fluids with a diameter of approximately ≥ φ 3mm large bubbles. These large bubbles refer to the expansive gas that mostly fills a certain section of the wellbore annulus in the drilling fluids. If it is not removed, it will easily cause a kick or even spray out of the surface of the drilling disc.
GN ZYQ series atmospheric pressure anti hydrogen sulfide mud gas separator is made of high-quality materials, which can effectively prevent the erosion of harmful gases and ensure the safety of human machine production.

Features of GN mud gas separator:

  1. The poor boy degasser adopts bottom drainage to control the height of the working liquid level, ensuring a constant liquid level in the separator and solving the problem of sand accumulation in the tank;
  2. The poor boy degasser tank is equipped with a dedicated gas separation channel, which allows for smooth gas evacuation and improves gas treatment efficiency;
  3. The mud gas separator adopts physical impact separation to ensure the gas separation effect;
    GN ZCQ series vacuum degasser is mainly used for separating gas from drilling mud, which is specialized equipment developed based on various types of vacuum degassers a for treating gas immersed drilling fluids. Suitable for various mud recycling systems, it is very important for restoring the specific gravity of mud, stabilizing the viscosity of mud, and reducing drilling costs.
    We will install ATEX certified electric motor and control panel for the vacuum degasser, and also for the vacuum pump motor. No extra jetting pump is required for the vacuum degasser’s operation.