GN Slurry Dewatering System for Construction Industry to New Zealand

As one of the leading separation solution provider in the world, GN Separation is becoming more and more popular among clients. In a recent project, GN has delivered to New Zealand a complete system for the slurry dewatering in a construction field. This system contains following equipment manufactured by GN:

1.Coarse screening stage, a GNLMP1536 Mining Vibrating Screens. Shale shakers are one of GN core products in oil and gas solids control industry, and the mining vibrating screens are another group similar with shale shakers. Comparing with shale shakers, the mining vibrating screens are just bigger in both machine size and screen opening sizes. In a slurry dewatering project, they are always used as a coarse screen at the very first stage for separation.

2.Double deck fine screening GNZJ706. The double deck shaker screen are used for fine screening. This shaker is equipped with 2 deck of shaker screens with different screen openings. In this case, the capacity is larger than the single deck one with same power consumption and space.

3.Desilter unit GNZJ594-12N. The desilter cones are used for separate out the particles around 20 microns by centrifugal force. And under below there is a vibrating screen for drying the particles. Liquid size is discharged to next step.

4.Big bowl centrifuge GNLW553D. The decanter centrifuge is used for fine separating for particles from 2 to 5 microns. GNLW553D decanter centrifuge has a bowl of 22 inch diameter and the length-diameter ratio is 3.

5.Chemical dosing unit. When there are extra fine particles in the liquid, the chemical dosing helps to flocculate the extra fine particles to be big enough for the centrifuge.

GN has a technical team with years of experiences for designing customized solutions in fields as solids control, waste management, dewatering and oily sludge treatment and mining related with the separation purpose.