Big bowl decanter centrifuge manufacturer in China

As one of the most professional big bowl decanter centrifuge in China, GN Solids Control recently shipped 2 units of biggest model decanter centrifuge to USA for construction slurry treatment. We can design and produce various size decanter centrifuge from 9 inch to 30 inch bowl with different treating capacity and different applications.


The big bowl size decanter centrifuge with 30 inch( 760mm) bowl, the bowl length is 3328mm, the designed treating capacity is 528 gpm (120 m3/h) for the mud with 20% solids content. The max bowl speed is 2650rpm with max G force 3000G, the typical speed is 2200rpm with typical G force 2060G, the cut point is 2~5 microns. The differential speed is 5~28 rpm, the gearbox torque is 25000 N.M, gearbox ratio is 38:1, the main motor power is 160KW (217HP), the back drive motor power is 90KW (120HP). Considering the cost issue, we also recommend GNLW554EP-VFD for option, the bowl size is 22 inch ( 550 mm) and the bowl length is 91 inch (2310mm), with designed treating capacity 600gpm( 136m3/h) and the typical treating capacity is 480gpm (108m3/h), it can be used as waste water treatment, industrial waste treatment, chemical treatment, dewatering centrifuge and other slurry treatment.


When the user need to treat big volume slurry, and the space and budget is limited, the big bowl big volume centrifuge is the ideal option compared to use several units of small decanter centrifuge.
We will install the decanter centrifuge on the telescopic skid for convenient operation, the chemical dosing unit can be applied to separate ultra fine solids to 1 microns and make the discharged solids drier to meet the disposal standard.
For more information of the big bowl decanter centrifuge, pls contact with GN sales engineer, we can design customized centrifuge solution according to the treated material conditions.

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