Centrifugal pump and jet mud mixer ready for shipment

Recently one batch of centrifugal pump and jet mud mixers are ready for shipment to our international clients. The C series centrifugal pump has been used as transfer pump, mixing pump, charging pump, trip pump, feeding pump for different applications, such as oil & gas drilling solids control system, drilling waste management system, oil sludge treatment system, industrial waste water treatment, solids liquid separation system, chemical mixing unit, etc. As transfer pump, GN centrifugal pump can be used to transfer drilling fluids, oil sludge, drilling waste, waste water, waste sludge, etc. materials. The features of GN centrifugal pump including:

  1. pump casing and impeller material is hard ductile iron alloy, which is abrasion resistant material to improve working life.
  2. Bearing from FAG brand for improve working life.
  3. Centrifugal casting skid instead of welding skid to reduce vibration and provide reliable operation, so that the whole pump and motor life can be extend.
  4. With different motor and impeller size, different head, the different flow rate can meet client’s different requirement. The jet mud mixer is a combination of centrifugal pump, mixing hopper, pipelines, valves, flexible connector, control panel. It is an ideal unit for chemical mixing, mud mixing with compact footprint and flexible connection. The mixing hopper is venturi type mixing hopper with 4 inch and 6 inch size for selection, combination with different model centrifugal pump, the mixing rate is different. The user can connect the jet mud mixer with client’s existing storage tank by flexible hose conveniently. GN own brand control panel can be installed on the jet mud mixer unit for convenient operation. If required, stainless steel material mixing hopper is available for corrosive material. The mixing hopper can be installed on top of mud tank for goods mixing performance.

  5. If you have requirement for mud mixing system, pls contact with GN solids sales for customized solution.

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