Drilling Waste Equipment—–The vertical Dryer

With the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements, operators need a variety of solutions to the solid-liquid separation technology to a new level. The vertical cuttings dryer plays an important role. The main role for the effective recovery of oil drilling in the ingredients is that the vertical cutting dryer can effectively reach drilling solids transportation, adapt environmental regulatory requirements for the current environmental waste mud treatment and safe disposal of waste oil field services vital equipment for oil field separation effect drilling mud and oil-based mud compound significantly.

Vertical Cuttings Dryer 3

The vertical cuttings dryer’s Features and Benefits:

1. High efficient solid-liquid separation, can be the content of the drill cuttings slurry minimize, reduce the amount of processing waste.

2. The effective separation and recovery of a greater proportion of the slurry, and reused in the mud circulation system, recycled pulp due to the shale shaker running, moving  and mud clogging and other losses.

3. The common wear parts can be replaced from the top of the unit; do not need to move any equipment, you can replace the belt.

4. Interchangeable tungsten carbide rotor blade and the gear box, to avoid excessive corrosion, reduce the failure of major components.

GN made drilling cuttings dryer’s advantages:

GN Solid control is the only Chinese company with API and ISO certified that can independently design and produce cuttings dryers.GN vertical drill cuttings dryer makes the mud cuttings dried by the centrifugal force on the oil-based and synthetic-based drilling. The stainless steel drum carry the wet solid cuttings and is allowed to spin up to 890RPM debris among the liquid through the slit sieve drum, and the dried solid were rotating cone connected angled scraper scraped cone is only slightly slower than the speed of drum sieve. Carbide blade wear good protection to ensure a long service life. This helps to maintain uninterrupted between the blade and drum sieve gap is a key factor in the smooth functioning of the device. Crown can drill cuttings dryer main rotating components are rigorously balancing test to reduce vibration and noise.

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