GN Vertical Cuttings Drying System Work Successfully at Shell’s Jobsite

In a standard OBM waste management system, there are mainly 2 equipments for treating the drilling cuttings, the first one is a vertical cuttings dryer. Recently, in a jobsite located in Sichuan Province in China for SHELL, GN’s waste management system including a vertical cuttings dryer and a decanter centrifuge.

GN Solids Control is the first solids control company who designed the vertical cuttings dryer. The vertical cuttings dryer is like a washing machine’s drying function, by means of centrifugal force, the vertical cuttings dryer separate the cuttings from the liquid via high rotating speed. Now GNCD 930 vertical cuttings dryer is having its 3rd generation, the drying efficiency, OOC could reach less than 5%. After it was manufactured, it was well tested in factory, and when it was took to jobsite, it was tested to be efficient in both OBM and WBM, and also SBM. Below is the working video in shell jobsite.

The decanter centrifuge in this system is a very popular sized centrifuge with 14 inch diameter bowl and bowl’s length-dia ratio is ideal 3. This centrifuge in practice is not only used in waste management system as in the video, but also widely used in solids control systems for cutting the mud weight or barite recovery and also used together with flocculating equipments as package with dewatering units.

For both the vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuges, GN has fixed speeded and VFD controlled for options, suitable for different jobsite and condition. May you need more information, welcome to contact us freely.

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