Dewatering centrifuge with Flocculent Unit for drilling mud treatment

Dewatering centrifuge generally require high speed centrifuge with High-G force to separate ultra-fine solids from the water based drilling mud liquid part. GN Solids Control can offer different range of centrifuge from low speed to middle speed to high speed centrifuge for difference field application.

GN Low speed / middle speed centrifuge. Like GNLW452 centrifuge, with 1800rpm working speed, can used for barite recovery on solids control mud tanks.

GN high speed centrifuge, like GNLW453 and GNLW553 with big capacity, can reach to 2500rpm for barite recovery or mud weight cutting.

Now GN Solids Control is promoting its super high speed centrifuge GNLW363CG-VFD with typical speed of 3800rpm. With this working speed, the dewatering centrifuges will working very well to meet customer’s requirement.

Flocculent unit is chemical enhancement on drilling fluids before feeding high speed centrifuge. We can offer Three Chamber Automatic Mixing System (PAM); PAM Mechanical operated diaphragm pump; Safety valve (LRRV-P25,PVC); Back pressure valve (LRRV-P25, PVC); Pressure gauge (0-10bar,PP); Buffer Device – LRAC-P1.0, PVC(DN50 Reducing); 20FT Customized Container & Attachments. We can also offer BV certificate on the customized container for safety.

GN Solids Control have customer from Iran and Singapore who have bought dewatering centrifuge with flocculent unit from us. The customer with professional chemical engineer and centrifuge engineer use the equipment very good. As we are only equipment original manufacturer, we are not familiar on the chemical knowledge. So, we advise the user who buy these kinds of equipment find some professional advisor locally.

The customer from Singapore buy many equipment from us . Except for dewatering centrifuge with flocculent unit, the customer also buy shale shakers, mud cleaners.20ft containers with customized attachment.  The customer from Iran is our old customer who bought over 10 sets centrifuge from us each year. They are locally very strong mud service company.

GN Solids Control is stable solids control & waste management equipment supplier. With high standard quality equipment, perfect solution offer and reasonable price, GN Solids Control is best choice from China.

363 Decanter Centrifuge 2

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