Facts to be consider for choosing horizontal screw decanter centrifuge

GNLW series horizontal screw type decanter centrifuge is a leading design of function of decanting centrifuge.   GN Solids America LLC’s decanter centrifuge is the final process steps equipment in drilling mud cleaning system for solids control and drilling mud cleaning. The superiority function of decanting centrifuge is embodied in the solids size processing. GN Solids America LLC’s decanter centrifuge could remove the solid particles with size 2-7 microns using the principle of centrifugal force produced by the decanter centrifuge.

The choice of horizontal screw decanter centrifuge is important because it related to the whole mud cleaning work efficiency and operation cost of the drilling rig.  The facts need to be considering are list in below:

decanter centrifuge

1 .The RPM of the decanter centrifuge for separation.   General horizontal screw decanter centrifuge can rotating RPM is 1800 to 4000 depends on the size of the Bowl. The higher the RPM speed, which leads to higher the separation of solids

  1. Centrifuge parts materials: Different kind of material have its wear-resisting, corrosion resistance and other physicochemical indexes. GN Solids America LLC’s decanter centrifuge general minimum material is made of 316L of steel. The abrasive elements must use ceramic composites.
  2. The controlling difference of the centrifuge: Difference in control effect accuracy of the differential, and the life and maintenance costs of decanter centrifuge. The higher the differential speed, the better the adaptability of the material, it is appropriate to use the device with high accuracy and high speed.
  3. Diameter length ratio: the diameter/length ratio of horizontal screw centrifuge means the greater the processing capacity, the smaller the moisture content.
  4. Control system: whether it is VFD programming control or fixed speed control, the decanter centrifuge manufacturers have basically produce the full VFD automation control of the machinery or fixed speed machinery.
  5. Processing of the drilling mud: the horizontal screw decanter centrifuge is a high precision machining requirements of the solids separation equipment, not with the ability to produce high product maintenance, processing capacity is limited.

Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is leading manufacturer for drilling mud solids control & drilling waste management equipment and shale shaker screens. Besides as the top one in solids control field for oil and gas drilling, Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is also the top one in mud cleaning and mud recycling systems for Bored Piling, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Tunneling and so on. Take GN 500 gpm mud system as an example, GN has 4 standard models with different equipment for different kinds of drilling activities.

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