GN America company drilling waste management system introduction

Throughout the drilling mud system main equipment has the following composition: drug cans, ZS83 x 108-2 linear vibrating screen, QJ250 x 10 x 2/100 mud cleaner all-in-one, LW450 x 842 n centrifuges, JBQ5.5 kW mixer, JBQ7.5 kW mixer, SB6 x5 sand pump, NJQ50-3 mud gun, SLH150-45 jet slurry device, etc. USA drilling mud System  design features of several important processes, to grading of drilling mud, in accordance with the requirements of drilling technology through the overflow groove mud circulation. Can also be used for mud aggravating, mixed, mixing and filtering. Clear water pipeline in the clear water pipe connection can provide water for the mud circulating system; Drugs can provide the corresponding chemical ingredients;

The drilling fluid in the borehole when  sand pump to the lower screen the first level filter to remove the large size solid particles, then into the sedimentation tank below. after desilter below the upper deck of the vibrating screen mesh third grade filter. After after three-stage filtration purification of liquid is clean, can through the sand pump or overflow to other sedimentation pool or storage container in order to continue to use. In addition to the mud cleaning equipment, a group of mud mixed cell installed in the side of the tank. It is in the process of purification, add the necessary drilling mud materials control mud weight.


cuttings dryer  may be the second stage associated with splitting up within drilling liquids blood circulation program with regard to drilling rig. It’s a totally mechanised gear, don’t contain any kind of electrical or even hydraulic generate.

The most typical desander made by GN solids manage consists of two desander cone, 1 group, solids release trough. Desander could be put together through various qty hydrocyclones, at the. grams. 1pc cone along with 500gpm digesting price, 2pcs cones along with 1000gallons/min digesting price, 3pcs cones along with 1500gpm procedure price.

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